My exhibition at St John's Church
31st J
an-4th Feb


Sharnush Parsipur
came to my exhibition just before her flight back to London, which was a great honor and gave me so much joy. She kind of liked my hat so I kept it on for the picture.:)

She preferred my older works but liked the humor in my new paintings .

It was such a great pleasure to have Sayed Reza Mirkarimi vising my exhibition.He made some very interesting and valuable comments and pointed out certain details which I hadn't noticed before.
Nothing is compared to an expert's analysis :)

Here I pretend to be surf boarding .

First glance after putting them up.

It was great to have a massive group after the service.

These ladies seem to be gossiping about my paintings .

The exhibition was moved to the main hall after the first two days which I thought it was a much better space
to exhibit , its such a beautiful church.

Just love the stained glass reflection on the paintings ,It just makes it look magical.